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Sonae is a master cosmetologist and salon owner of Hair Juku studios. She specializes in womens hair care, she is also a expert in hair extensions and balayage color. Sonae grew up watching her mother master her art behind the chair , she developed a love for all things beauty at a very young age. She pursued her education and attended Aveda Institute in atl, ga in 2010.  Sonae believes healthy hair is a lifestyle and takes the time to educate her clients on hair care & products they need to get the results they want. For the past 14 years making women feel beautiful inside & out each day has always been a passion of hers. She created the Hair Juku Collection that includes luxury hair care products and 100% Virgin Premium Hair Extensions that women love.

Sonae created a product line for all hair types to make sure her clients had what they needed to recreate the look & care at home. she has taught classes on growing healthy hair & hair extensions. also have styled for many weddings & events. Book today for a wonderful experience & healthier hair.

Hair Juku Salon

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