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1.Can I color this hair?

Yes! our hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair that has Never been mixed or
chemically processed. it lifts beautifully and best to use color
conserve shampoo & conditioner.

2.How long does this hair last?

Our hair will last over 12 months and still remain lustrous and manageable.

3. How often do I need to maintain my hair?

When using styling products use the bare minimum to avoid build up
on the hair. Its always best to use a paddle brush to brush out tangles.

4. What are some tips to maintaining my hair? 

  • Shampoo gently & avoid products with sulfate & alcohol as these ingredients help dry out the hair
  • If colored, we recommend using colored conserve products
  • Storing your extensions properly is key! When you take them out shampoo & condition the hair. dry and gather all the hair together and brush from the bottom to the top. use a hair tie to secure the hair close to the base of the weft as a ponytail. gently roll into a circle and place hair in a Ziploc or our plastic box.
  • With curly extensions, keep it moisturized & conditioned to maintain and manage your curls.
  • When wearing clip ins, take them out each night to avoid breakage.

5. Can I change my order?

 We will try to accommodate any reasonable request prior to shipping but cannot guarantee any changes based on availability.